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Balance In Beer Brewing

How to Achieve Balance in Your Beer Brewing Balance.  This term is used frequently when describing and judging beer.  As brewers, we continually strive for that elusive reward; the truly balanced

Damper – Homebrewer style

Aka Home Brew Beer Bread. I’m always running out of bread in my house – but never beer! I’ll admit that not all my brewing efforts turn out brilliantly. There are times when I test new recipe

Christmas Cocktail Recipes

Stout is the perfect drink for cold, dark, winter evenings. When I think of stout my thoughts are of slowing down, wrapping up warm by the fire and savouring the flavours of a spiced spout whilst i


Hubble-bubble toil and trouble! Why not introduce the kids to your joys of brewing – and use your kit for some wholesome family fun!       We found a great Jamaican Ginger Beer


Don’t be fooled by this wolf in sheep’s clothing, although dark, Indian Black Ale has all the flavour characteristics of an American IPA, this ale is hoppy with citrus notes and has a s