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Baking Hot Cross Buns With Beer

With Easter fast approaching I was looking for the perfect hot cross bun recipe for my husband to make for the kids (while I sleep in!) … when I had a brainwave – what would happen if I mixed s

Tweaking Your Homebrew Beer Kit

INFLUENCING FLAVOUR IN YOUR BEER BREWING KIT Are you getting bored with strictly following homebrew beer kit instructions?  Do you want to cut loose and start experimenting with beer recipes but

Find Out How To Taste Beer

You are probably familiar with some of the basics of wine-tasting; have heard about it at least or may even have attended a formal tasting at some point.  But what about beer? How do you taste bee

Record High Temps in the UK

It’s hard to believe, but the UK is predicted to actually have HOT temps this week!   I am loving that, but unfortunately, your small-batch fermenting beer will not.  Because we brew in sm