What You’ve Said…

Quote by Stuart Heritage on brewing beer with Home Brewtique


“Your instructions were clear, concise, really easy to follow and all seemed to go pretty well. On tasting the ensuing brew, I was totally amazed. A complete idiot who had never brewed anything at all had created possibly the nicest tasting beer I have ever drunk! I simply could not believe that I had created this amazing stuff at my first attempt. My partner agreed – she too was overawed at my apparent genius.  Thank you so much for creating an incredible product and here’s to many more equally successful brews.   – Tim R.,  first-time brewer


“It was unbelievably easy to do an all-grain brew! I’ve wanted to do a milk stout for ages but been really put off by the difficulty of getting proper instructions. This came with incredibly clear instructions that were super easy to follow and I found the videos v useful. It’s only my 3rd brew but really wish I’d started with one from this site rather than struggle to make my first few without proper guidance. Highly recommended for those new to brewing or just people who want good results. Milk stouts are hard to track down in shops so now I can make my own with ease.”  – Sophie S., brewer


“The present was a huge hit with my partner who can’t wait to start brewing. I thought the kit would take up a lot of space, but it doesn’t (we have a tiny kitchen and a toddler- so space is important). The company provided excellent customer service…”  – NOTHS gift buyer


“Thoroughly enjoyed making this lovely tasting, lovely smelling, hoppy beer and enjoying drinking it even more. Have now signed up for a year’s worth of great recipes. Hoppilicious, delicious. ”  – Ian F., first-time brewer