Multi-Hop IPA

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This is a signature style for the new age beer drinkers. If you like brewing at home and enjoy sampling modern craft beers full of hoppy bouquets and bold flavours, this American Style IPA recipe pack might just be the one for you! Though we at HomeBrewtique love a good hoppy beer and especially a bold burst of hop aroma, we don’t enjoy the harsh finish you can find on some IPAs. Our recipe was developed carefully to ensure a well-rounded hoppy pop that leaves your mouth happy.


*This pack contains ingredients only – you will need a large pot and our equipment kit to brew your beer. Alternatively, you can save 10% by purchasing our starter kit which includes one recipe, an equipment kit, bottle set and optional pot.*

Alcohol %
Colour Scale
1-3 months
many hop additions + dry hop
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A beer is only as good as its ingredients.

If you’re going to spend the time to craft your own bespoke beers, it makes sense to start with the very best. That’s why this American Style IPA recipe uses the finest grains, all freshly milled by us just before shipping. We use top quality hops from around the world compressed into a pellet form for easy handling and less liquid absorption. We then vacuum seal it all to ensure you receive the freshest possible ingredients.

Yeast is a more important component of your beer than many people realise – the yeast is really what makes your beer. Different strains of yeast also contribute different flavours to a batch of beer. Our yeast is sourced from a special craft-beer yeast developer. Their range of premium dried yeast has been specifically designed for craft beer styles; ensuring consistent and flavourful results with every brew.

This American Style IPA recipe pack will make you 12, 330ml bottles of beer.

Each pack contains

  • Detailed instruction booklet
  • Quick reference guide with notes section
  • Freshly milled grains, hops and specialty yeast
  • Brewer’s Sugar
  • Kettle Finings (a seaweed derivative) which helps to clarify your beer
  • 2x no-rinse sanitiser sachets
  • 12 printed beer labels

** You will need equipment to make this beer – these recipes are designed to be used with a 10L stock pot and the Home Brewtique brewing equipment kit.

At HomeBrewtique, we take pride in our beers and constantly strive to improve. This means we are continually working on sourcing the finest ingredients and top quality equipment, creating new recipes and exciting ways for you to experiment at home.
We are sticklers for detail and want your entire experience to be smooth, enjoyable and delicious! If you have used our American Style IPA brewing ingredients in the past, please take a minute to share your brewing tips and any interesting recipe hacking you may have done in the comments and rating section.

4 reviews for Multi-Hop IPA

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Really enjoyed this one – great hop aroma, and a beautiful body make this one I just want to keep drinking.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Easily the nicest-smelling beer I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting – it’s beautifully fruity and floral. Plus it’s easy to make. Plus it tastes really good. Absolutely no complaints whatsoever with this!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Before I met Claire and Posy I thought home brewing was for the pipe and slippers brigade, wrong!! Thoroughly enjoyed making this lovely tasting lovely smelling hoppy beer and enjoying drinking it even more. Have now signed up for a year’s worth of great recipes. Hoppilicious, delicious

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    I had tried brewing a keg of beer back in my student days but it was an awful drink made from a can of concentrated syrupy stuff, I never understood the brewing process at all…..until I tried my first batch of Hoppilicious from homebrewtique in March 2015. The instructions and starter kit were simple and easy to follow. The time from first brewing to sampling my first bottle didn’t seem long at all (4 weeks). My only disappointment is that I only made 12 bottles of the lovely stuff! Hoppilicious itself is a fine IPA, just perfect for this time of year. I have ordered a few more ingredient packs to get some sort of factory line going so that I’m not waiting too long for my next batch. Thanks Claire & Posy!

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Details about our Hoppilicious American Style IPA beer:

  • Estimated alcohol by Volume = 5.7%
  • IBU (bitterness rating) = 55
  • Aroma = bold hoppiness with citrus tones
  • EBC (colour rating guide) = 10
  • Time : Ready to drink 4 weeks after your brew day. It should be enjoyed young – the hop flavour and aroma is at its best in the first weeks of drinking. 

Ingredients: Malted barley blend (GLUTEN), hops (Zythos, Chinook, Citra, Magnum, Cascade, Perle), corn sugar (Dextrose Monohydrate) and US West Coast Yeast (packaged in a protected atmosphere), Kettle finings (carrageenan).

Storage: Please put your yeast and hops in your refrigerator to maintain optimum performance. Once bottled, store your beers in a cool and dark place until ready to drink – and remember pour slowly, leaving the sediment layer behind!

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