Ultimate Home Brewing Starter Kitincludes 12L pot and bottle set



If you want the best experience brewing from the start, our ultimate home brewing starter kit is the perfect solution!   Our one-pot method is a much more simplified way of making beer from scratch.

Each ultimate home brewing kit includes one Equipment Kit, one Recipe Pack of your choice, one Bottle Set and our heavy-based all-purpose 12L stockpot.

They include:

    • HomeBrewtique’s hand-made, re-useable brewing bag
    • ‘Fermo’ our super-hero fermentation pail with integrated bottling spout
    • LCD thermometer on Fermo’s side – helps monitor the fermentation temperature
    • Airlock to fit into Fermo’s lid and keep bacteria out while your beer is brewing
    • Stainless steel dial probe thermometer with pot clip
    • Bottling wand – attaches directly to Fermo’s bottling spout for easy bottle filling (no need for siphoning!)
    • A recipe pack of your choice* which includes hand-milled grains, the finest hops and yeast specific to your chosen recipe, brewer’s sugar, kettle finings, 12 bottle labels plus an easy-to-follow booklet of instructions on how to make your beer.
    • 12 pack of 330ml swing-top amber bottles
    • 12L heavy-based stainless-steel pot – induction and oven safe


Read on below to see more details on your recipe choices.

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Each ultimate kit includes one equipment kit, one recipe pack of your choice, a set of bottles and a 12L heavy-based stainless steel pot.


Meet ‘Fermo’ our perfect container for brewing your small-batch all-grain beer. He is made of high quality food-grade plastic so is of course BPA-free. The best thing about Fermo is that he blocks light from ruining your fermenting beer. He also has a nice wide top so you don’t need to fiddle about with funnels. The best part is that he is super easy to clean. You’ll soon see why he is so much better than those clear glass demi-johns you get with other brewing systems.

Another very special character in the Home Brewtique unique brewing process is our gorgeous brew-bag. She is made from a fine mesh voile which acts as a big tea-bag when you are making your brew. She eliminates the need for any sparging (rinsing) or slow filtering steps – making your brew day much easier and faster!

  • Fermo blocks light from your beer – no need to cover him up!
  • Fermo is outfitted with a dispensing tap, meaning you can bottle directly from your fermenter – no transferring needed!
  • The bottling wand keeps you from oxygenating your beer when you bottle and is much easier than using tubing to siphon like other systems out there.
  • Our brew-bag makes everything easier. She is re-usable and has an easy elasticated top to fit over your pot rim while brewing.


A beer is only as good as its ingredients. If you’re going to spend the time to craft your own bespoke beer, it makes sense to start with the very best ingredients and equipment.

The recipe pack ingredients that you choose when purchasing the ultimate starter kit have the finest grains, all freshly milled by us just before shipping. We source top quality hops from around the world compressed into pellet form for easy handling and less liquid absorption. We then vacuum seal it all to ensure you receive the freshest possible ingredients.

Our ultimate home brewing kit allows you to pick any of our recipes from the drop-down box at the top. Personalise your beer labels by entering a bespoke beer name at check out.  See them in more detail on our individual beer variety page or see the descriptions of each beer below:


  • Single Hop IPA, 6.0%, using Mosaic hops – it is truly out of this world with its balanced passionfruit and citrus flavours.
  • Multi Hop IPA, 5.7%, a blend of 6 hop varieties creating a powerful hop aroma punch but one that leaves your mouth happy – not too bitter a finish like some IPAs.
  • Imperial IPA, 8.0% a powerful Imperial IPA. 8.0% strong beer with a blend of 4 hop varieties.

Pale Ales

  • Australian Pale Ale, 4.8%, A lighter ale with grassy notes and a bite of grapefruit
  • Best Bitter, 4.4%.  A truly classic beer highlighting the British Noble Hops.
  • American Pale Ale, 5.3%. A slightly hoppier pale ale than an English bitter but not as hoppy as an IPA. Uses Magnum, Perle and Cascade hops.

Darker Ales

  • American Brown Ale, 5.0%, A nutty amber ale with hints of stone fruits
  • Sweet Milk Stout, 4.7%.  A rich and smooth stout which uses milk sugars for a touch of added sweetness.


  • White Ale, 5.0%  A golden ale with a lighter body but a rich complexity from the orange peel and coriander seeds added during the brew.
  • California Common, 4.8%.  A nice amber ale with spicy / woodsy hop flavours inspired by Anchor Steam ale.
  • Irish Red Ale, 5.0%. A smooth ale with the classic rye sweetness balanced by the late hop additions adding modern american hop freshness.

If you are purchasing the ultimate home brewing kit as a gift and you are unsure which recipe to get – see our starter kit gift option with a recipe voucher inside! They can then make their own recipe selection to be freshly packaged and shipped to their door for free (increased price due to double shipping costs).


Our starter set includes a 12-pack of our 330ml swing-top bottles.

No capper is needed for these sleek swing-top bottles – that means one fewer step for you! It is all about efficiency. Why brown? Because while there are prettier colours out there, brown (or amber as we prefer to call it) is the best colour to protect your beers from the harming rays of sunlight (beer’s ultimate enemy).

  • Amber bottles block light from ruining your aroma and oxidizing your beer
  • Re-useable caps mean less ‘stuff’ kicking around
  • No special capping (or opening) equipment needed, just flip it and you’re done!

Stock Pot (ie. Brewing Pan)

To make the most of the easy Home Brewtique method, you need a stockpot which can hold all of the water needed to make your beer (about 7.5L ) with room for the grains and space for it all to boil. We recommend our 12L stock pot because that extra bit of space means removing your grains is easy and there is no risk of boiling over. Once again, we think quality is important, so rather than offer you a cheap flimsy pot which will do your brew but won’t work for anything else, our heavy-based stockpot can be used for your other cooking purposes.

  • Stainless Steel body and riveted handles and knob
  • Stainless steel and aluminium 4.2 mm bonded base (eg. heavy-based to evenly disburse heat)
  • Glass lid with steam air vent
  • Internal volume markings
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe and compatible for use with induction, gas, electric, solid plate, halogen and ceramic heat sources…basically anything!


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Fermo – 22 cm diameter x 23 cm high

Including attached airlock and bottling tap – 30cm x 30cm

Stock Pot – 26cm base

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