Base Malts



Base malts are so named because they provide the “base” of fermentable sugars for the beer.  They have the highest potential for extractable sugars and provide most of the enzymes required to convert starch into fermentable sugars.  As such they make up the bulk of the grain used in most beer recipes (usually at least 60%)  – and can sometimes be the only grains used.

We hand-crush the malted grains upon order (unless requested whole in check-out notes) and will then vacuum seal them for freshness.

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These malted grains are measured in 100g, 500g, or 1kilo increments.  Please add products to the basket to achieve your needed quantity.  We will assume that all of the same type of grain should be packaged together unless you tell us differently in the check-out notes.  We will also assume you want them crushed by us unless you comment for us to keep them whole.

Please get in-touch if you have any questions.  We are also happy to help with recipe development, or if you have a large batch recipe which you would like scaled into a small-batch size.