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The HomeBrewtique equipment has been designed for the ultimate ease in small-batch all-grain brewing.  By using equipment that is easy to work with, you can have delicious beer without as much hassle.

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Meet ‘Fermo’ our perfect container for brewing your small-batch all-grain beer.  He is made of high quality food-grade plastic so is of course BPA-free.  The best thing about Fermo is that he blocks light from ruining your fermenting beer.  He also has a nice wide top so you don’t need to fiddle about with funnels.   And the best part is that he is super easy to clean.  You’ll soon see why he is so much better than those clear glass half-johnnys you can find in other places.

  • Blocks light from your beer – no need to cover him up!
  • Out-fitted with a dispensing tap, meaning you can bottle directly from your fermenter – no transferring needed!
  • The bottling wand keeps you from oxygenating your beer when you bottle
  • Our sexy brew-bag makes the whole brew easier!

At HomeBrewtique, we take pride in our simplified brewing process and constantly strive to improve.  All of our equipment has been tried and tested to ensure that it is the best bit of kit to make brewing your beer as easy and efficient as possible.

We are sticklers for detail and want your entire experience to be smooth, enjoyable and delicious!


Please share any ideas or comments on how we can improve.  We are here for you, so want to hear what you think would make us better.


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Each equipment kit includes:

  • HomeBrewtique’s re-useable brewing bag
  • ‘Fermo’ our fermentation pail with integrated bottling spout
  • Airlock to fit into Fermo’s lid
  • Bottling wand – attaches to the spout for easy bottle filling
  • Long Immersion Thermometer – can double as a stirrer
  • LCD thermometer – to help monitor your fermenting temperature

Fermo – 22 cm diameter x 23 cm high
Including airlock and bottling tap – 30cm x 30cm