These simple plastic airlocks are important to keeping your beer contaminant-free during fermentation.

If your yeast is especially active sometimes you can ‘pop your top’.  The top is imperative to the functionality, so if you’ve lost yours, simply get another airlock here.

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The airlock’s one-way system allows the yeast by-product (CO2) to escape by bubbling up through a bit of sanitiser in the well at the bottom while keeping air and contaminants from getting back in.

At HomeBrewtique, we take pride in our simplified brewing process and constantly strive to improve.  All of our equipment has been tried and tested to ensure that it is the best bit of kit to make brewing your beer as easy and efficient as possible.

We are sticklers for detail and want your entire experience to be smooth, enjoyable and delicious!


Please share any ideas or comments on how we can improve.  We are here for you, so want to hear what you think would make us better.


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7.5 cm high, 2.8 cm wide – tip diameter  1cm.