12L Stock Pot

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This 12L Stainless Steel Stock Pot is perfect, not only to brew your beer, but as a general-purpose pot in your kitchen.  The heavy-based bottom and solid construction mean it is oven-safe and compatible with induction heating.  The simplicity of HomeBrewtique’s brewing system relies on doing a ‘full volume mash’ meaning brewing with all of your water from the start.  Get this versatile pot to make your brew day a snap.

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We have given homebrewing a long over-due update for the modern consumer who expects high quality and is short on time and space.  Our unique system bridges the wide gap between existing ‘beer kits’  (malt extract goo to which you simply add water and yeast and wait) and the established method for all-grain home brewing (the massive 40 pint, all sorts of expensive specialist equipment and loads of time needed to make real all-grain beer, process).

Now you can enjoy the creative fun of really making beer like a brewery, but easily in your kitchen.  The flavour at the end is amazing and is something you can feel proud of sharing with friends.

You can have the fun of creation without dealing with all the fiddly bits.  Our equipment has been tried and tested to ensure the easiest brew day for you – every process of traditional brewing has been assessed and simplified wherever possible.  All of our kit has been designed to remove any unnecessary hassle (eg. no siphons or multiple pots needed!). What little equipment there is is small enough to fit with your existing life-style (no shed space required!).  All the ingredients are pre-measured specific to each recipe to remove the guess work, save you time and ensure more consistent results. The instructions are complete and easy-to-follow to take the uncertainty out of doing your first all-grain brew and once you’re more confident, there is also a simple quick guide to reference.

If you want to continue on and become a more knowledgeable brewer, explore the brew school section of our website where you can learn more about beer styles and details on the brewing process.  We think a lot of the fun is with experimentation as you get more confident and we will be developing more products and ingredients to help you on your way.  So sign onto our mailing list and follow us on Twitter to be the first to hear about new product launches and tips on brewing.

We love quality beer and want to make it more accessible to everyone.  Now there is no reason not to….  #GetYourBrewOn!


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Stainless Steel Deep Stock Pot

26cm base technically holds 12L but has internal markings to the recommended volume of 10L.

Stainless Steel riveted handles & knob

Glass lid with steam air vent

Stainless Steel and Aluminium 4.2mm bonded base

Can Be Used With:

Electric, Gas, Ceramic, Halogen, Induction and Oven

Dishwasher Safe as well so wash-up is a breeze!