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So, where did it all begin?

With two people and a love of beer – naturally!

Hailing from Australia and the USA, Claire and Posy, the owners of Home Brewtique, were accustomed to local breweries making delicious, flavoursome beers – some that really pushed the boundaries.  Even with craft beers staging a comeback in the UK, at that time they were unable to easily find the diverse selection of beer styles they enjoyed.

So, like many people, they decided to make their own, only to find the home brew kits disappointing. If it wasn’t the uninspiring ‘just add water’ extract ones (where’s the fun in that?), it was the bulky traditional equipment you’d need a small brewery for, and nothing in-between.

Knowing what unique ingredients the UK had to offer, Posy and Claire were frustrated with what was on offer but excited about the prospect of what was possible.

There was only one thing for it: they’d create their own kit. How hard could it be?!


Going in-between

Searching desperately for an alternative, they came across the small batch all-grain method. They liked it but knew the existing kits could be improved. So, that’s exactly what they did.

Setting high standards for themselves, perfecting the equipment became an obsession. After painstaking (though fun!) hours, the outcome was even better than they’d hoped. Designing a unique BPA-free container, preventing light from damaging the beer, reusable fine mesh voile and a bottling wand alongside simple but delicious recipes – a creative, simple, yet top-quality kit was born – and so was Home Brewtique.


Good news travels fast…

It wasn’t long before the word spread. Not only had Posy and Claire created a kit allowing people to create artisan beers in their own kitchens, they were using quality ingredients from around the world and freshly milling them by hand before sending them out to customers. Even better – the beer was great!

Praised by The Guardian as ‘ridiculously good’, customer praise flooded in too, celebrating the simplicity of the kit and variety of flavours. Home Brewtique was a success!



Posy and Claire are still as curious and excited as ever and are constantly looking to improve on what they set out to do. Generating yet more impressive recipes and sourcing new ingredients and equipment tweaks all the time, the quest for innovative brewing continues.

Have you found your perfect brew yet? Join our merry band of loyal customers and you just might…

Cheers from Posy and Claire

Cheers from Claire and Posy