Damper – Homebrewer style

Aka Home Brew Beer Bread.

Home Brew Bread Recipe

I’m always running out of bread in my house – but never beer! I’ll admit that not all my brewing efforts turn out brilliantly. There are times when I test new recipes that are not quite right, or even when I brew an old favourite that just doesn’t “work”. Unless the batch has suffered an infection, I am loathe to pour my efforts down the sink and end up storing loads of beer I’m not going to drink.

Inspiration struck the other week when watching Ray Mears on TV. Now every self-respecting Aussie kid has made traditional Damper and cooked it on a stick over the camp fire – but I’ve never tried making it with beer – which is exactly what Ray did.

The base recipe is more than simple – it contains only 3 ingredients:

• Self-Raising Flour
• Salt
• Beer

You’ll need bottle-conditioned beer which contains live yeast; home brew is ideal!

Damper – Homebrewer style

Put flour (about 2 ½ cups) and salt (10 grinds) in a bowl and pour over enough beer (I chose California Common which is lovely and malty) to allow you to bring the mix together into a dough (about 250-300ml).


Addition of the beer instantly creates a lovely yeasty, bready smell and it only takes a moment to bring it all together into a dough.

Damper – Homebrewer style

Place dough into a greased loaf tin and bake at 200oC until golden brown on top (30-40 mins depending on the size of your loaf).

Damper – Homebrewer style

Remove and eat hot from the oven spread with topping of your choosing.
Is there anything better that beats fresh crusty bread and butter?


It took less than 5 minutes from gathering the ingredients to placing the dough in the oven, so I decided to try another recipe alternative.


Sweet Bread Recipe

 For this version I used 3 cups of SR Flour, 400ml Milk Stout, 1 teaspoon sugar.

For a little extra flavour I added 2 large spoonsful of leftover milk stout mincemeat.

This dough was much wetter than the previous batch, so I left it in the oven longer – around 50 minutes.

Damper – Homebrewer style

I’m really impressed with the quality and ease of the recipe. It literally took minutes to put together and get both batches in the oven.

Damper – Homebrewer style

I’m keen to experiment with different beers and additions… Next I’m thinking Single Hop IPA with cheese and onion …


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  1. Hi. Sounds great. One question though. If I dont have self rising flour may I use Fleischmanns Instant yeast mixed with the dry flour?

    • Hi there, if you don’t have self-raising flour you can make your own by adding 2 teaspoons of baking powder for each 150g/6oz/1 cup plain flour. I hope this helps. ;0)

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