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Read through our glossary of “Beery” terms and we’ll have you hobnobbing with the brewers in their own funny language in no-time!


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  1. I’m brewing my 2nd batch (Irish Red) – after 16 days in the fermentation bucket sitting in a clean garden propagator and heated to 20-21C, I started the bottling process. Whilst sanitizing equipment I checked the SG of the wort = 1.020. Starting SG was 1.048. Having started bottling I felt I needed to continue, but I was expecting to see to wort SG at near 1.000. Especially as the wort was so closely temperature controlled. Dextrose added and bottled. Hope my bottled beer does not over pressurize!. Their seems to be no reference to SG in any of your guidance I would have found it useful to know what SGs are expected at the various stages.

    • Hi Chris,
      Your gravity readings sound pretty close. Usually, the Red Ale has an original gravity of 1.050 and a finished gravity of 1.015 although we have found this often can go up to 1.018. How did your beer turn out?

      We are developing a Brewers Membership area of the website where we will post more advanced information such as the expected gravity readings for the different recipes. We may incorporate them into the instructions in the future as well.

      Again, please let us know how it turned out and what you plan to try next.


      Claire and Posy

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