Meet The Team


ST. ALBANS – Registered Office and Business Headquarters


Picture of Posy Parsons

Posy Parsons


In addition to priding herself as the best head-quarters coffee maker, she is one of the two founders of HomeBrewtique.

Posy leads the marketing and sales area of the business and continually strives to improve the customer experience.

When not with a drink in her hand, you can find Posy out in nature – in her garden, walking in the mountains, or sailing on the sea.

She loves all of the HB recipes (she had better since she helped to develop them!) and it just depends on her mood, the weather and what she is eating to determine her favourite of the moment..





Meet The Team



Lisa joined HomeBrewtique in November 2016 as our in-house designer and artistic guiding light.

She fits well as another busy mother who finds most of her free time these days is spent with her 7-year-old daughter.

Lisa is doing a part-time Masters in illustration and is with HomeBrewtique three days a week developing its more natural leaning re-brand as well as leading the social engagement and messaging for the company.

Following her inspired gift for Christmas 2016, her favourite brew is the Christmas Spiced Imperial Stout she made for her father.




Our Home Brewtique mascot and guard dog, Laina is the master of work-place napping.


Meet The Team


Embarrassingly into her crotch-sniffing welcomes – look out for her on muddy mornings because not only does she like a good sniff, she loves to jump up on unsuspecting visitors!

Meet The Team

Sleeping Dog








SHREWSBURY – Processing & Dispatch Centre, Recipe Development


Claire Russell

Claire Russell


The Home Brewtique Yin to Posy’s Yang, Claire develops and perfects our recipes and products – managing the operational side of the business.

From humble beginnings in a St Albans garage, Operations are now based in Medieval Shrewsbury, in a beautiful listed building.

Always “researching” new beers to inspire recipes and flavours, Claire is a true “make it yourself” enthusiast. Recent efforts include roasting coffee, making mayonnaise, ketchup (seriously!) and tonic water.

Balancing work with a busy family life, her two young children are already becoming beer experts and agree that their favourite recipe is usually the one that they are allowed to taste!






Antony joined us in September 2017 for the Christmas rush.  He works in Shrewsbury; carefully processing, picking and packing your orders.

A published historian and genealogist, we are delighted that he has decided to stay on!  In his spare time he enjoys visiting historic houses, hill walking and reading.

Through his research, Antony has discovered that he hails from a family of esteemed brewers and so he is relishing the opportunity to follow in their footsteps.

Antony loves discovering new beers and is currently learning the art of small batch home brewing!